4 Things You Should Be Prepared For If You Want To BBQ With Kids

Mavis Loh Blog

Even if you’re a professional BBQ chefs, having other family members, especially kids, partake in your BBQ preparation or the actual cooking can easily lead to a disruption of this quick and clean process. Accidents and spills are bound to happen. However, as discussed in our previous article on 3 Reasons Why It Is Important For Families To BBQ Together, this shouldn’t deter you from having them join in the fun! Instead, we’re back with 4 things to keep in mind while BBQ-ing with kids!

Choose Simple Over Complex Recipes

Because kids have limited experience when it comes to cooking, they will likely complete their BBQ tasks slower. Therefore, select easy to medium-difficulty BBQ recipes to control and help with a quick and easy BBQ session. This way, it helps to get everyone focus on the family bonding process!

Prep Your Kids For This BBQ Adventure In Advance

This is especially important if you’re just getting started. Give your kids tasks that are more manageable, for example mashing the potatoes, or skewing the kebabs in a manner they like. After which, slowly refine their skills and if they’re making good progress, teach them how to get better at what they do. You can even introduce tasks with greater responsibility, such as chopping (with a blunt knife) over time.

Plan Out Working Stations For Everyone

To avoid confusion, clashes and spills, in the kitchen or BBQ site, you’d want to allocate specific places where your kids can proceed with their BBQ tasks assigned to them. Planning out everyone’s working station strategically will also help you manage and supervise the kids easily, keeping them safe!

Enjoy The Process & Just Have Fun!

Most importantly, you want to create an enjoyable BBQ session with your family, and spend some quality time with your kids! So, aim to create an environment of encouragement and fun. Do away with criticism and let your kids express their creativity. These kinds of positive reinforcement will make your kids enjoy the process as much as you will too.