3 Types of Grill for Korean BBQ

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Best Korean BBQ Grill for Home in 2020: All You Need to Know

The most important thing you’ll need for any BBQ is the BBQ grill or hot plate. However, what makes a Korean BBQ grill different from regular ones are that it is specifically designed to let the fat safely run off without flaring up so that you can cook indoors safely. Additionally, the Korean BBQ grill doesn’t not let any thinly sliced or tiny pieces of meat fall through. This can be easily found online and in stores, and don’t worry about not being able to find them. Instead, you’d be spoilt for choices. Our advise is to choose one that fits the needs of you and your family best.

Besides the grill, you need a heat source. Similar to regular BBQ, you have 3 common options:

1. Charcoal

The charcoal grill option will enhance the taste of your BBQ foods best. However, the down side to it is that you can’t use charcoal indoors or on balconies. So, this is more suited for people living in private landed properties or have adequate outdoor space. The biggest pain of owning a charcoal BBQ grill is having to getting your charcoal lit, cooling your burning charcoals and disposing them properly. If you have a front or backyard and want to take things to the next level, don’t be deterred by the downsides, it’ll be worth it once you chow on those charcoal-cooked BBQ foods.

2. Induction

More suited for Singaporean HDB homes, induction is your next best call. It is safe and easy to clean, but it doesn’t get as hot as Korean BBQ should get. However, you have to use induction specific metal that can be hard to find in Korean BBQ grill pan shapes.

3. Portable Butane Stove

With proper ventilation at home, portable butane stoves can be used indoors. They have combo grills too where the grill is attached to the element. The best thing to do though is to buy a separate stove and grill from the same company so that its the perfect fit and you can easily clean it up by throwing the BBQ grill pan into the sink once you’re done. If you mix and match, sometimes the grill and the stove won’t be a good fit and the grill can slide right off.

Pro tip: You’ll want to keep your windows open during your KBBQ dinner no matter what grill you use because it WILL get smoky. Preferably, do it at an outdoor open space if you have one. But if you don’t, it’ll work just fine at home too, just keep your hood fan on and know that you’ll need ventilation.