6 Banchan for Korean BBQ

Mavis Loh Blog

It’s not Korean BBQ when there’s no banchan! Banchan, or side dishes, are placed around the grill for everyone to share. You can easily make your own banchan but if you don’t have the extra time to make them, you can easily look for readily prepared banchan in the refrigerated section of any Korean supermarkets. Here are 6 banchan to serve at your next Korean BBQ.

1. Kimchi

This comes in several varieties and most Korean BBQ places will give you more than one kind. For a starter, the usual baechu kimchi (napa cabbage) will never go wrong. Alternatively, kkakdugi (cubed radish/daikon) is super popular and oi sobagi (cucumber) is always a good choice. Or, maybe you could opt for something different – pear kimchi!

2. Kongnamul (Soy Bean Sprouts)

These are soy bean sprouts that are seasoned with sesame oil, soy, scallions and garlic.

3. Eggs

These soy marinated eggs (either regular or quail) make for a cute and tasty side dish. If you’re looking for something more premium, rolled omelette (gyeran mari) is your go-to! I mean, who doesn’t love a rolled omelette studded with vegetable confetti right?

4. Gim (Seaweed)

There are a bunch of different seaweed banchan you can get. Your options include seasoned seaweed salads made with roasted seaweed (doljaban muchim), seaweed stems (miyeok julgi bokkeum) and wakame (miyeok muchim).

5. Danmuji

These iconic picked yellow daikon are the kind that you find in kimbap! Crunchy, sweet and sour, and amazingly addictive.

6. Gamja (Potato)

Ah the trusty basic potato side dishes never goes wrong. Its variations are endless. There’s potato salad (gamja saelleodeu), sweet and savory braised potatoes (gamja jorim), sticky soy glazed potatoes (gamja bokkeum) and much more you can choose from.

7. Jeon (Pancakes)

This is a premium banchan! If you want to go all out, break out the jeon, which are savory pancakes or battered pan-fried goodness. You have the classic is pajeon (green onion pancake), kimchijeon (kimchi pancake) and even haemuljeon (seafood).