Korean BBQ Sauces

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On the last post on this Korean BBQ marathon, we’ll be talking about KBBQ sauces! I mean how can you call it KBBQ without sauces right? The table needs sauces and seasoning so everyone can customise to their hearts content. Here are some of the favourites that you can add to your home Korean BBQ experience.


Ssam translates to ‘wrap’, while jang means ‘sauce’, and that’s exactly what it is, sauce to put on your ssam/wrap. This sauce is savoury and sweet, with a touch of spiciness. It’s made up of soybean paste (doenjang), hot pepper paste (gochujang), sugar, green onions, garlic, toasted sesame oil, and toasted sesame seeds. Every one has their own recipe so don’t be afraid to hit unexplored territories and adjust to what you like.

Toasted sesame oil

A little dipping bowl of toasted sesame oil never goes wrong. Use this, with a bit of salt sprinkled on top when you want to really taste the pure flavours of your BBQ meats. This works especially well with un-marinated pork.


Similar to how toasted sesame oil works, a little dish of salt for sprinkling onto the un-marinated meats brings out their meaty flavours. Use flakey sea salt if you’re feeling extra luxe.

Toasted sesame seeds

A sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds can add an extra hit of savoury nuttiness to your ssam.