Sunday roast

Hey There, We are Sunday Roast

A Sunday Roast is one of the most popular weekend past-times in Western Culture. It emphasizes quality family time, celebrated over roasted meats and vegetables which epitomizes the true meaning of togetherness and oneness. Omakase is a Japanese word translating into “I’ll leave it up to you.” Merging these two concepts, Sunday Roast offers consumers hassle-free BBQs that feature premium meat choices. What’s more, consumers enjoy these meats at wholesale prices through our partner networks.

Sunday Roast’s mission is to create an unforgettable environment for bonding through the best and freshest cuts flown in from New Zealand and Australia. Good food has never been so tasty, easy and affordable before.

Meet the team, We’re really nice

Sunday roast

Gerald was born into a family that dabbled in meat business. He grew p laying amongst pallets and freezers in a warehouse on Sunday mornings, and followed his father on trips to meat plants and slaughterhouses all over the world. This gave him a better appreciation of the origins of imported meat.

While working in New Zealand in 2016, Gerald was introduced to culture where families and friends bonded over BBQs on a weekend over food and drinks. He instantly fell in love with the concept and envisioned bringing it back to Singapore.

Amidst the bustle busy Singapore, he wanted to create an opportunity for families and friends to come together and enjoy a good Sunday Roast with quality meats and drinks.

Sunday roast

Xavier is a Singaporean who loves food. All kinds of delicious food. That is how people would describe Xavier. Growing up, he would stand by his Grandma, watching her as she whipped up a storm in the kitchen. A cook by estimation, he never fails to wow his crowd. Some may call him the lazy chef while others concede that he is just that talented.

As an avid BBQ meat lover and a family oriented man, the opportunity to share the concept of a perfect BBQ with his social circles was one not to be missed. Together with his buddies, Xavier aspires to encourage social cohesion through Sunday Roast.

Sunday roast
IAN LAM, Finance & Accounts

Ian grew up in a family that celebrates each weekend with a gathering over a sumptuous meal. This has developed in him a strong association between food and gatherings. It is his belief that the power of food goes beyond necessity; not only can it satisfy, but it can also inspire and unify people.

For Ian, his favourite holiday of the year is Christmas, because above receiving gifts, he looks forward to the family uniting over one big dinner. During the feast, his family would catch up on each others lives over a wide array of dishes, each heralded by his family members as their respective specialities.

Ian started Sunday Roast because to him, it replicates the experience where families can come together to enjoy great food and even greater company.