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At Sunday Roast, we want to provide a selection of premium BBQ food catering for our consumers to choose from whenever there is an event going on. Our extensive food menu ranging from high-quality meats, freshly cooked staples to our uniquely made drinks have been specially planned out to give consumers a unique BBQ experience. Our one of a kind, high-grade meats cannot be found anywhere else in Singapore.

All our finest cuts are only sourced internationally from New Zealand and Australia to give consumers the top quality meats that they deserve during a BBQ. Our assortment of meats includes our New Zealand Rosemary Lamb Chops, Signature Honey Soy Chicken Leg, New Zealand Frenched Lamb Racks to our superior 100% Grass-Fed Prime Steer Beef Ribeye.

And to make sure that our cuts are uniquely ours, we have worked closely with our chefs to come up with our very own secret recipes to marinate our premium meats with to give the best flavour. While we do offer the standard a la carte options in our catering to consumers, we are also determined in giving an entirely different BBQ experience to consumers in Singapore. Over here, we provide chef services for those who prefer to relax and indulge in the BBQ goodness instead of sweating profusely in the heat while grilling.

Our chef services, which is better known as Omakase at Sunday Roast can be ordered through a simple 3-step process starting from your budget per person, followed by choosing from our selection of freshest cuts on your very own to inputting the final details of your event, specifically the date and time for it. The Omakase experiences that we offer comes in 3 categories, starting with our Starter Experience, Premium Experience to the Insider Experience.

Our menu of items also comprises all the necessary accessories that one will need during a barbeque event. Whether you’re looking for aluminium trays, fire starters or even paper cups, we have all your basic needs ready. At Sunday Roast, we don’t only want to make sure that you get all your BBQ items all checked out on your list, but we also want you to have an enjoyable BBQ experience with all your equipment prepared.

From delivering to your doorstep to handling every aspect of the food preparation, our staff and chefs are committed to giving our customers a delightful BBQ experience at Sunday Roast. Get in touch with us and order all your BBQ necessities through our website.


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