Casual Party Case Study

Bringing people together through food

Case Background
Mei Lan approached Sunday Roast with the task of delighting a party of 20 at her Condo. The Sunday Roast team put together a special Omakase menu based on our customer’s profile and started food preparations at the BBQ pit an hour before. Careful and quality selection was made to ensure the finest quality of experience for them

Mei lan’s Experience
“Sunday Roast did a superb job for a BBQ party at my house last night. Very different from the run of the mill BBQs that I have used previously. The meats are of high quality especially the NZ grainfed ribeye. Yum! One of guests commented that it’s like Morton’s in yr own backyard! The on-site chef certainly know his meats and they are friendly, great to chat. Their price does not hurt the wallet either. Thank you for a fantastic bbq! You will be my top choice for my next bbq!”Mei Lan

Sunday Roast believesthat delights