Ricky Huang BBQ Party

Bringing people together through food

Case Background
Ricky Huang approached the Sunday Roast team with the task of preparing a BBQ for a party of 45 people. The Omakase package was chosen for this event and our food specialists called up Ricky to discuss how we can make the BBQ special for him. At the end of the event, Ricky’s guests were delighted and pleased with amazing food quality and service. Hear from them below on their thoughts of the event.

Darren Huang’s Testimony
“Wonderful experience! We ordered the Omakase and thought it may have actually be a bit pricey but after experiencing the BBQ and the service that comes with it, we thought it has more than justified the price.

Thank you Sunday Roast for providing such a great experience to my family and guests”Son of Ricky

Sunday Roast believesthat delights